North West

North West


Pauline Burdsall


St. Luke’s Hospice, Winsford, Cheshire


St Luke’s Hospice cares for people approaching the end of their life in Harrow and Brent. We aim to give the people we care for the best possible quality of life, each and every day. Supporting local people and their families is at the heart of what we do – focusing on what matters the most to them is at the centre of our care.

Founded by local communities in 1987, we have been providing free expert end of life day care to local people and specialist care in our inpatient unit (IPU) since 2000. Our IPU can care for people in their final days, provide intensive care to help get symptoms under control or give respite care. Many of the people who are cared for in our IPU go home again.

Two thirds of our care is now provided in the comfort of peoples’ homes, as we respect that this is where most people would like to be looked after. The care we give is free of charge, available to all, and respects the cultures, religions and beliefs in our richly diverse community.

We believe in empowering people and provide a wide range of expert care intended to keep people feeling well, independent and mobile for as long as possible. In addition to Home Care and our IPU, alongside outpatient clinics, we provide a range of care intended to support people’s wellbeing including patient and family support, complementary therapy and physiotherapy services.