Moo Barrie


St. Richard’s Hospice Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2QT



Overview of the day

Both Jerry Lennon- Complementary Therapy Lead and Linda Wooldridge- Complementary Therapy coordinator for Myton Hospices Welcomed attendees. The day began with everyone introducing themselves and where they came from. Jerry then presented an overview of the agenda and started the day with a gentle mindfulness session.

Chemotherapy excretion rates and gloves

Jerry updated everyone and discussed the direction taken by the editor of FHT organisation. The editor of the FHT magazine had contacted Jerry to let him know that an article would be appearing in the next issue of International Therapist magazine. It will appear in the ‘Ask an Expert’ column and relates to the subject of the use of gloves and Chemotherapy excretions. The magazine will print that risk is minimal and to ‘wear gloves if concerned’. However Jerry spoke about Myton’s stance; and the need to mitigate any potential risk, coupled with the fact that despite many attempts during the last year- minimal to no data on excretion rates was provided from the pharmaceutical industry, this generated a healthy debate within the room. All members felt that much more research is needed, especially in-light of the fact that a lot of anecdotal evidence pointed to some therapists experiencing adverse reactions of varying degrees, during skin to skin Complementary therapy interventions. So at Myton Hospices we changed our relevant documentation to include a section, where the question is asked- “Is the patient on active Chemotherapy”. If this is the case, gloves should be worn. This remains in place until further appropriate research can be carried out, thereby ruling out any potential risk. The Group session ‘What do you do’? went well, a lengthy discussion followed

Qualification criteria for recruiting therapists

All members shared their recruitment criteria and the general consensus was that a level 3 qualification in a core therapy should be what is required. Induction of recruits was also discussed.

The use of ‘virtual reality’ in Complementary Therapy.

Angela Baxter Complementary manager from LOROS, talked about the ‘virtual reality ‘glasses and demonstrated the equipment. We all had a chance to experience them and look at the ‘the local park’ film, Loros had commissioned. We found this experience to be really fun, but also considered the possibilities of future patient use, within hospices.


Any questions were discussed


Jerry closed the day with a bit of ‘Mindfulness’