Teresa Barr

Teressa barr

Teresa Barr

Regional Groups Liaison

Teresa retired 9 years ago after more than 40 years working in the Health Service in Northern Ireland.

Teresa qualified as a nurse in 1974 and practised in Fractures and Orthopaedics and was a Ward Sister in an Accident and Emergency Department before becoming a Clinical Teacher and then a Nurse Tutor.

Teresa finished her career as the Assistant Head of an organisation which provided In-Service and Continuing Education to Nurses and Midwives throughout Northern Ireland.

Teresa has been working as a volunteer therapist in the Northern Ireland Hospice in Belfast for the past 8 1/2 years, offering Reflexology and Indian Head Massage to patients and relatives in the Day Hospice and In-Patient unit.

Teresa has also been involved in providing therapies for carers at Carer’s Days, organised by some of the Health Trusts in Northern Ireland.

Address :
PO Box 17271, Bromsgrove, B60 9LG